A whirling, captivating flamenco journey. An irresistible impulse to dance. Embellished simple melodies and catchy rhythms merge into a festive celebration, rich with Mediterranean character.

Based around the Italian legend of the “Tarantalla,” which has pagan roots as a wild dance of worship dating back to the Cult of Dionysus, the Tarantella later emerged as a dance meant rid of the poison from the bite of a deadly spider. Movement began slowly and methodically, gradually building to a manic hysteria as the music progresses. The tarantella has since gone through many incarnations; as a graceful, stately dance as well being referenced in countless pieces of music, poetry, folk dance and compositions such as those by Chopin and Liszt. Our version of Tarantella is a whirling, captivating Flamenco show.

Artistic director and dancer Fiona Malena (Berlin) joins forces with dancer Anastassiia La Musa (Calgary), guitarist/singer Ricardo Sánchez (Mexico City) and violinist/multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Lewis (Calgary) in this lively performance rich with spontaneous choreographic and musical interplay.

July 19, 2019 • 7:00 pm • Junction
628 8 Ave SW, Calgary

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