Anastassiia Alexander

Y seguí sentada,
mientras la magia se nos moría,
en su silencio,
en su olvido.
Y en otra vida yo descubriría
que el corazón me latía
al tiempo de Siguiriya.

And I remained sitted,
watching our magic die
into his silence,
into his oblivion.
In another life and another time,
I would come to find
it was Siguiriya rhythm
that has pierced my heart.

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the machinations of memories suppressed

one-dancer play

This piece (in creation) is a reflective interpretation of a poem I have written: Una Máquina de Olvido (in English: An Oblivion Machine). The poem explores how someone may be able to forget the past, by choice, as a coping mechanism for heartbreak, and the consequences that this may bring to their life. Through the words, several questions are intertwined with the dance, toying with the fallibility of our own memories. How do our memories shape us into who we are? How does remembering something, a movement, a sound, an object, can inform our present experiences? And how we remember our emotional response to an event or experience, while we may not have a perfect recollection of it. In this solo piece, the dance is fragmented and brought together through sound loops recorded live, which replay different percussive elements from earlier points of the performance. Through the combination of past and present steps, a new narrative is created, reshaped, and ultimately relived.

Developed as part of the creative residency with Good Women Dance Collective in September – October 2020.

Anastassiia Alexander – artistic direction, dance, soundscape, poetry

Work-in-progress showings:
Good Women Dance Collective
Shumka Dance Centre
Edmonton, AB, Canada
October 9, 2020

Photo: Tyler Baker Photography

Photography: Tyler Baker
Graphic design: Anastassiia Alexander