de(re)-construct: dance (re)-born

interactive contemporary flamenco performance

Explores the elements of tradition and flamenco, unraveled and then evolved. Each element detached and assigned to its own performance space. As the parts of the dance and music become moveable pieces, the audience helps guide the dancer to reassemble, and through her improvisation, create new work. Unpredictable and delighting in the unexpected, the new dance is like a shirt turned inside out; still identifiable as a shirt, but in a way, repurposed. And so, the audience and the dancer, will have created in live time, a thing born of flamenco but now completely transmuted.

Creative team:
Anastassiia Alexander – dance, choreography, artistic direction
Ricardo Sánchez – guitar, voice, hand clapping
Graham McKelvie – dance dramaturg, MC

Fluid Festival
Part of Fluid Fest at the Library series
Central Library
Calgary, AB, Canada
October 26-27, 2019

Work-in-progress showings:
Creative residency with Interflamenca Dance Company
Interflamenca Dance Studio
Mexico city, Mexico
October 20, 2018

Photography and Graphic design: Anastassiia Alexander