Cities of Sand

In CreaTion

I am currently working on a new concept for a dance film that will feature modern urban locations as well as the iconic Alberta Badlands. In collaboration with Edmonton-based photographer Tyler Baker, I am also creating series of visual stories.

Cities of Sand is an exploration and reflection on how sand permeates everyday human existence, from the movement of sand as a measure of the passing of time, to the sand’s entrapment into the building blocks that have shaped our urban lifestyle.

In this work I want to contrast the highly structured built environment afforded by cities which leverage sand in the form of concrete, asphalt, and even glass, to the eroded sand structures constructed by nature over millions of years, as portrayed by the Alberta Badlands. To explore this relationship, I teamed up wtih photographer Tyler Baker (Edmonton) to highlight the contrast of the badlands with old abandoned concrete structures in Drumheller, Alberta. Together, we want to bring focus to the architectural aspect of the different shapes and angles as they converge into the dance movement. I am also experimenting with new media and image processing techniques to weave the photos into a dynamic eroding and evolving experience which will culminate into an art installation.

Photography: Tyler Baker
Graphic design: Anastassiia Alexander