12 musas

Contemporary Flamenco Ensemble

From the many flamenco rhythms based in 12 beats, we find our inspiration. The 12 beats are our 12 muses, or Doce Musas.  We draw from both traditional and contemporary flamenco, interweaving traditional forms with original compositions. Anastassiia’s movement is rooted in tradition, but explores the boundaries, responding always to the music. All of our pieces involve elements of improvisation, in both dance and music, including completely free improvisations.

Anastassiia La Musa – dance
Jonathan Lewis – violin, viola
Ricardo Sánchez – guitar, vocals
Derek Stoll – piano

ALL  Projects

12 Musas  / 2016 & ongoing
Tierra de Luz  / 2019 & ongoing
Tarantella   / 2019
(De)-reconstruction (1)  / 2018 – coming soon
25 Pasos para llegar a un zapato  / 2016 – coming soon